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This is Our Burry Researching Website here

This is me, Danny Roberts, I have some entirly Family Burry Researching over some time for Thirty years from here in Vancouver, British Columbia to Glovertown, Newfoundland Canada. I am still Genealogy researching. Some people called me "Genealogy Bug" and am proud of it. I will give you entirely family Burry trace all the way back in 1740's time to presently today. All mostly in Greenspond, NF for over three hundred years settlement. The Family Burry is still exist in Greenspond, NF Today. Also Elsewhere in Newfoundland and fews did across from Newfoundland, Ontario, and British Columbia, Canada and United States.

The History or Story Behind My Burry family Site

The Originial Burry come from Christchurch, Hampshire, England, First person ever been in Newfoundland is David Burry (ca 1745 to 1818) settlement at Greenspond, Newfoundland. for over three hundred since to Present. The Burry family still exist at Greenspond, NF today!! One of our orginal Benjamin Burry Sr, who is my great great great Grandfather whom was settlement at Greenspond, NF to our present Burry Family is still exist here in Vancouver, B.C.

Others Burry Family Record are welcome here

My Burry Family record can be request here any time I will be happy to help you with all entirely Burry family from Greenspond, NF to Vancouver, B.C.

I'd love to hear from you!

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