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This is about The History of Glovertown, Newfoundland
This is Glovertown in the year of 1900's in Burry's Point. You still can see that Huge Elijah Burry's House there. It was burnt by the fire of 1946 disaster wipe out nearly all Entirely Glovertown community.

This is Burry's Point at Gloveretown, NF
  This is Alexander Bay in Glovertown, NF

This picture was taken about 1920's You can see this Picture from Westside enter of Glovertown, NF

It is now in The Family of "Newfoundlander" linkage records Archives here.

You can now researching your family from my computer databank information. I hope that you will find helpful for you with all your Family Tree records for you.

Contact me if any error or updated data input or correct me. I will updated if needs.

Enjoy it and have s good fun hunter with it.

Danny Roberts,

Stories about "S.S. Greenland Disaster of 1898"

In the year of 1898, Many of Newfoundlanders gathering for the Sealing Hunter season. On the middle of March 1898, there was on S.S. Greenland command by Capt. George Barbour. There was sealing Disaster stories wrote by me, Danny Roberts. I hope that you find enjoyable and Heartfelt of poor man who was suffering and died and Death on the ice.

That was one of my grandfather Daniel G. Burry his cousin William Blackwood Jr. (Son of William and Rachel Blackwood (Nee Burry and sister of Elijah and Levi Burry) who was died and never recovered the bodies involved in his S.S. Greenland Disaster.

Click here to S.S. Greenland Disaster stories

This is Elijah Burry's House

This is my Great Uncles Elijah Burry at Burry's Point in Glovertown, NF

This is the one of Sealing Hunter in year of 1898

This is my good stories written by me, Danny Roberts. Try it click to S.S.Greenland Disaster of 1898. This is unforgetable stories.

Copyright@2011 by Danny Roberts