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Welcome to my Burry Family websites

I should introduce myself, I was born Deaf and Hard of Hearing and very active in the Local Deaf Community in Vancouver, B.C.; My main research is in our Family Genealogy, Deaf Web site, and My Glovertown, NF or any other reasons for this wonderful Website it can be. I can be a very creative Webmaster for you. At this site you will see entirely our Burry Family Researching, Burry Family History centre here in our Website. I could also give you many many of visitors tips for navigating my site what's more you can click it away and Surfing.

I hope you like Our Burry Homepage Website here. Have fun with me. Do you have any question please E-mail me away too

Thank you very much for your time and reading,

Danny Roberts
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I will list the date and a brief description of the update:

Added pictures of my Family Burry to the History.

Updated the Home page.

Added Updated More History in Glovertown.

Added newly picture of Louis Burry in Burry Photo page in it now.

Updated the Family Rendell Photo Page

New E-mail address is danrob59@Telus.net

New Added Stroud's Photo Album page

01/20/2016 Updated homepage

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