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This is Stroud and Burry's Family Photo Albums.

I hope you finding interesting in our Stroud and Burry Family Photo archives is here. If you happened have some picture of this family Please let me know. I will paste it up for you.

This is Stroud Family Albums

Alice Maude Burry(Nee Stroud) in the middle

Jane Smith Brooking (Nee Stroud)

John Albert Elliott Stroud

Susanna Elliott Brefitt (Nee Stroud)
and Mary Sophie Cook (Nee Stroud)

Mary Sophia Cook (Nee Stroud)

This is Burry Family Albums

Alice Maude Burry (Nee Stroud)

No picture of Levi Burry

Baxter Burry with his second Wife Mary (Nee Cook)

No picture of Edmund John Burry

Noah Diamond and Alfreda (Nee Burry)

No Picture of Bertha Burry (Josie Sparkes(nee Brifett) has it

No Picture of George Kenneth Burry

No Picture of Clara Burry

Thomas Burry with Daniel Garfield Burry

*NEW* Picture of Louis Burry

No Picture of Louisa C. Burry

No picture of Emily Burry

Daisy and Daniel Garfield Burry

Elsie Edwarda Burry

No picture of Dora Allison Burry

Nelson Burry



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